Friday, March 25, 2016

Math Fact Fluency

 Check out our newest math fact fluency file! Students will determine if addition and subtraction equations are true or false as they sort bones on a pocket chart. Don't have room for a pocket chart in your classroom? Students can sort the bones in dog bowls or trays labeled as "good bones" or "bad bones."
 Students can practice their math fact fluency as they play roll and add. Students will roll one dice or spin a paperclip on a spinner and add or subtract the number given. Students can play in a group or individually.
Students love figuring out the correct path to get the dog to his dinner bowl. Students will color the facts that are correct to find the correct path.

Addition and Subtraction facts through ten are included with this set. Check it out at our TPT store!
Math Fact Fluency.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Interactive Dry-Erase Boards

Upcycle your old DVD cases into interactive dry-erase boards!!

Perfect for math and literacy activities! I love using these with my whole group lessons, as well as, during center time or small group instruction.

Templates will  fit both slim and standard size DVD cases. I was able to purchase a set of 25 of the slim DVD cases from Amazon for under $20.  They also work on the standard size DVD cases, so if you have any old ones lying around the house, even better!!

Check out the file at our TPT Store: Kindergarten Nerd Herd

File includes templates for:
100 chart
120 chart
Number line to 10
Number line to 20
10 Frame
Two 10 Frames
2D and 3D shapes
Shapes for partitioning
Analog Clock
Boxes for 10 more 10 less and 1 more 1 less
Upper and lowercase keyboard
Upper and lowercase alphabet letters in order
Elkonin Boxes (2,3,4,and 5 sounds)
Handwriting paper

Can you think of any other kind of templates you would like to see?? Comment and let me know and I can try to add it to the file!