Saturday, July 14, 2012

Word Family Kits


I was trying to think of a way to organize my word work station as well as my homework. I found a bunch of empty DVD cases  and thought, wouldn't it be great if I could put an activity inside and send them home with the kids. It's like having a portable word work station to send home.
  Each word family kit contains a word family wheel and activity sheet. Students can spin the wheel (cd) and record the different words they make. Then they choose 5 of those words and illustrate them. On the back of the paper they can use each word in a sentence or write a story using their words.
  You can go to and buy a bulk supply of slim DVD cases for a reasonable price. Use your old CDs or DVDs to create word wheels.  
    If you don't want to print out the pre-programmed wheels, you can write the word family letters on the CD and case with a sharpie.
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If you like the word family kits, we also have Math Fact Kits. Great for math homework or your math stations!  Click here for the ADDITION KIT.      Click here for the SUBTRACTION KIT.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Colorful Cups

If you make a stop at Target's Dollar Spot you will see these colorful tin buckets. I thought they would be great to store my extra supplies in at the back of the classroom. The only problem is, I knew students would end up knocking them over and supplies would be flying everywhere. Thats when I thought I could screw them into a board and they would stay in one spot!  Super cheap and super cute!

Super Hero Sort

Check it out @ our TPT Store
Check out what's new at our TPT store.
With Super Hero Sort, students will sort real and nonsense words on Super Hero word work boards.
Includes 280 words to sort with 8 super characters (4 boys and 4 girls).

Also included is Super Word POW! This is a great game for students to play during your small reading groups. Students will choose a word card from a can and read it. They will then sort it as a real or nonsense word on their super hero word mat. If they pull out a POW! card, they must put one of their words back. The student to fill up their word work mat first WINS!

Great for your Super Hero Themed Classroom!



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quiet Baskets

These "quiet" baskets are great for math centers.  They keep dice from clanging around and flying off the table (most of the time).  I got my baskets in the dollar spot from Target.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Click here for FREE super dough directions and printables.
    I love doing this activity with my students on the first day of school. In the past I have called it magic dough and told the students if it changes colors, they will have a great year. This year I am going to change it up a bit and call it Super Dough. I wrote a little poem to go along with the activity.

 Read the following poem to students and then give them a ball of dough to kneed.  As they kneed the dough, it will begin to change colors and their "Super Power" is revealed.   
Super Dough
This super dough begins as white,
but as you squeeze with all your might,
you’ll see the color start to turn,
and your SUPER POWER you will learn!
Whatever color does appear,
will tell you more about your year.
If your dough turns bright and green,
a SUPER SPELLER is what you’ll be!
If your dough is red like fire,
you will be a SUPER WRITER!
If blue dough is what appears,
a SUPER READER you’ll be this year!
If yellow is the color you view,
SUPER MATH POWER is for you!
So squeeze your dough and you will see,
what your Kindergarten power will be!

After they have discovered their "super power," I will tell them that by the end of Kindergarten they will have all of these super powers!
Hop on over to our TPT store and download your free super dough directions. Also includes custom bag toppers and poems. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Goodbye Commodore 64..Hello ISPELL

I remember my first year of teaching, I had a cool keyboard print out that I glued inside a file folder. Students would pretend to type out their spelling words as if it was a computer.  Boy how times have changed. Most schools now come equipped with at least 3 or 4 computers  for the classroom and some lucky ducks even have an IPAD for each student. For those of us that aren't that lucky, we are still having students type out their spelling words on their pretend Commodore 64's. order to move ahead with the times, I came up with the new and improved version of the paper touch and type. Now students have thier own fake tablet to type words on .  Simply give each student a bag of spelling words and have them type them out!  Hop on over to our TPT store and pick it up for FREE! That's right, FREE!!. Save your money and maybe one day you can trade in your 1998 teal IMAC for a couple macbook pros.
Hop on over to our TPT store to download for FREE!

If you like the fake typing tablet, then you will like the fake typing smart phone. Have students text their spelling words with these colorful fake paper phones. Sorry but this bad boy is not free :)  We have to save up for my own macbook pros, right?
Head on over to our TPT STORE and pick up some fake smart phones. Your students will love you and you won't have to take these away and keep them until the end of the year!

Word Building Fun!

Check out our newest creation at our TPT store!  Students will have a blast creating words on these fun and colorful transportation themed work mats. Great for your word work center! Simply cut apart apple letters and students can build and read a variety of words. This great activity also includes an assessment piece where students will write the words they build. How bout them apples? Go HERE to pick up this fun file!