Saturday, July 7, 2012


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    I love doing this activity with my students on the first day of school. In the past I have called it magic dough and told the students if it changes colors, they will have a great year. This year I am going to change it up a bit and call it Super Dough. I wrote a little poem to go along with the activity.

 Read the following poem to students and then give them a ball of dough to kneed.  As they kneed the dough, it will begin to change colors and their "Super Power" is revealed.   
Super Dough
This super dough begins as white,
but as you squeeze with all your might,
you’ll see the color start to turn,
and your SUPER POWER you will learn!
Whatever color does appear,
will tell you more about your year.
If your dough turns bright and green,
a SUPER SPELLER is what you’ll be!
If your dough is red like fire,
you will be a SUPER WRITER!
If blue dough is what appears,
a SUPER READER you’ll be this year!
If yellow is the color you view,
SUPER MATH POWER is for you!
So squeeze your dough and you will see,
what your Kindergarten power will be!

After they have discovered their "super power," I will tell them that by the end of Kindergarten they will have all of these super powers!
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