Friday, July 6, 2012

Goodbye Commodore 64..Hello ISPELL

I remember my first year of teaching, I had a cool keyboard print out that I glued inside a file folder. Students would pretend to type out their spelling words as if it was a computer.  Boy how times have changed. Most schools now come equipped with at least 3 or 4 computers  for the classroom and some lucky ducks even have an IPAD for each student. For those of us that aren't that lucky, we are still having students type out their spelling words on their pretend Commodore 64's. order to move ahead with the times, I came up with the new and improved version of the paper touch and type. Now students have thier own fake tablet to type words on .  Simply give each student a bag of spelling words and have them type them out!  Hop on over to our TPT store and pick it up for FREE! That's right, FREE!!. Save your money and maybe one day you can trade in your 1998 teal IMAC for a couple macbook pros.
Hop on over to our TPT store to download for FREE!

If you like the fake typing tablet, then you will like the fake typing smart phone. Have students text their spelling words with these colorful fake paper phones. Sorry but this bad boy is not free :)  We have to save up for my own macbook pros, right?
Head on over to our TPT STORE and pick up some fake smart phones. Your students will love you and you won't have to take these away and keep them until the end of the year!

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