Saturday, June 30, 2012

Behavior Races

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Behavior races are a great way to motivate students to stay on task and work quietly. We use them all the time when we are working with small groups or during writer's workshop. 

Here's how they work:
1. Assign each table/group in your classroom a color or character.
2. Display the behavior race on your smart/active board or through your projector.
3. As each group demonstrates positive behavior, move their character forward on the board by clicking on the teams icon. The character will move forward on a track determined by you. You can add sounds to the movement as well so students know when their character has been moved.
4. Award the team that reaches the end with a small reward, such as, candy or extra recess.

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Using cute clipart, mixed with a little trigger knowledge, you can create fun and exciting races to motivate all students.  If you aren't familiar with using triggers in your power points, click on over HERE.  Microsoft has a great tutorial on how you can use triggers to create interactive powerpoints such as these.

If you don't have time to make your own, hop on over to our TPT STORE and check out our Retro Chomper Race complete with classic sounds that your students probably won't know :)

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